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Rez HD – Xbox Live Arcade

Rez HD reminds me a lot of Tron. A movie all about a game programmer who gets trapped inside his own game and fights evil computer programmes to survive. In Rez HD, you are just like the game programmer where your ‘avatar’ must fight to survive inside a computerised world or ‘cyberworld’.
The object is to ‘hack’ the system to pass through each security level safely without being detected or ‘killed’ and shoot your way through every threat (afterall, Rez HD is classified as a third-person shooter). Each level is more difficult than the next with the computer sending more and more ‘programmes’ to eliminate you.

Essentially a shooter, you’ll find that the aesthetics of Rez HD will hold your attention just as much as the objects you’re supposed to be destroying which can add to the challenge when you’re trying to clear the level, not to mention the thumping, rave-induced beats coming at you as you play. Trust me, if you decide to purchase Rez HD from the XBL marketplace (and at 800 Microsoft points, it’s an absolute steal), you’ll definitely want to crank up that sound system because the tracks in this game are trippy!

The old ‘vector’ style graphics look spectacular in HD and for a game that’s almost historic by today’s standards (originally created in 2001 and available on PlayStation 2 and the classic Dreamcast consoles); Rez HD hasn’t aged a day. The music in the game is a highlight with the visual and audio tracks synthesised to perfection. If you’ve played games like E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme) which combines music and physics in the game for the ultimate arcade experience, you’ll definitely enjoy Rez HD.

There are several different game modes in the game and five levels to beat with a couple of extras thrown in but Rez HD is a game designed to give you an instant wake-up call in awesomeness.

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