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RIFF: Everyday Shooter – PlayStation Network Only

01 Mar 08

Riff: Everyday Shooter sounds like it might be well, just like your everyday, average, run-of-the-mill shooter type, right? Well, again the PlayStation Network pulls another awesome cat out of the bag with this anything but run-of-the-mill shooter game on the PlayStation Network.

A game that ingeniously combines music (guitar riffs to be exact) with shoot-em-up fun is something to be cherished. Although this game is very similar to Asteroids and Geometry Wars in design, its unique blend of music, FPS action and original level challenges will keep you shooting right up until the final level (if you manage to get that far).

The secret lies in the ability to chain things together to gain points so just shooting things up is not going to get you through to the next level. And as you progress through each stage, you will find the challenges alter as well so no two maps are ever the same.
Granted, it takes a certain type of person to enjoy games like Riff: Everyday Shooter. If you’re a fan of games like Asteroids or Geometry Wars, you’re bound to find Riff: Everyday Shooter enjoyable. The soundtrack alone is enough to give this game bonus points, even if the game-style isn’t entirely original. A game that was designed by one Jonathan Mak, you can’t fault a guy for having a go at something slightly left-of-centre and doing a pretty good job of it on his own.