Right on Cue, Apple chases Google with app acquisition

04 Oct 13

Rumours coming out of Cupertino claim Apple has acquired personal assistant iPhone app Cue, in a bid to challenge Google Now on Android.

Allegedly paying as much as US$60m for the start-up firm, TechCrunch claim the tech giants could have paid $25m over the asking price as a result.

Yet Apple Insider claims the the deal is much lower, reporting: "An anonymous tipster has claimed to AppleInsider that Apple is buying Cue, which was formerly known as Greplin, for between $35 million and $45 million.

"The startup was a Y Combinator venture capital alumnus that reportedly obtained funding from both Sequoia Capital and Index Ventures."

Formerly Greplin, Cue is an app that pulls information from online accounts to present an overview of a user's day.

Founded by Daniel Gross and Robby Walker, the app operates by linking various user accounts belonging to a registered individual and running a query search for keywords within those applications or accounts.

Essentially Cue acts as a desktop search, indexing online social networking accounts, thereby creating a “personal cloud.”

And amid all the rumours and speculation, what can be confirmed is that Cue has closed down operations, releasing the following statement on it's website under the banner 'Cue is Shutting Down.'

"We appreciate all of the support from you, our users, as Cue has grown over the last few years," the statement reads.

"However, the Cue service is no longer available.

"Cue Premium users who registered through the website will receive a prorated refund. Cue Premium users registered though the iPhone App can request a refund through iTunes.

"In accordance with our privacy policy, your data and personal information will not be stored or transferred; it has been permanently deleted.

"We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause you. It’s been an incredible journey that wouldn’t have been possible without your loyal support."

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