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Robopreneurs to emerge amid pandemic triggered disruptions
Thu, 6th Jan 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Tech analytics company 5Jewels Research has predicted that a new wave of robopreneurs will emerge amid frequent disruptions triggered by the pandemic.

Jewels Research says globally, as new variants of COVID-19 spread, countries have started imposing restrictions similar to those seen in previous years. This is threatening people's work, businesses, and economies in general, which it says necessitates a more extensive adoption of digital technologies, including robotics and automation.

The company's research finds as the world moves in a direction where frequent pandemic outbreaks and other health hazards are becoming commonplace, companies need to consider developing and deploying robotic avatars for businesses and establishments.

During his annual predictions, 5Jewels Research chief analyst, Sumant Parimal, says, "Many people in the future will become robopreneurs (robotics entrepreneurs), and even more employees will turn robopreneurs as they train their avatar robots to be deployed it at their respective workplaces and establishments.

Parimal says robotics avatars will be based on AI, machine learning, deep learning, machine vision and will be intelligent enough to learn experiences from humans. He says that once an avatar gets trained, it can be deployed to work in enterprises, businesses, and homes.

"Companies' HR should be ready for some major changes, keeping in mind the continuity of work during the pandemic or other disruptions. The robopreneur model will multiply human and business productivity," he says.

This isn't the first time Parimal has made bold predictions in the robotics field. In November 2021, he said that over a million military robots needed to be deployed to India's international borders and troops to respond to security threats from neighbouring countries.

Speaking at the World Leader Summit on AI and Robotics, Parimal said, "The military era of man to man fighting is at an end, and AI-robotics enabled warfare is going to start. China has already set the stage for AI-led warfare.

"With these developments in mind, and with increasing security threats from neighbouring China and Pakistan, India needs to deploy over one million military robots on international borders to respond to security threats, with an objective of the robots facing the first bullets from enemies and preventing casualties to our troops."

More than 120 global leaders from over 90 countries participated in the World Leader Summit, which covered a wide variety of themes from AI and blockchain, to lifestyle and education.