03 May 2013
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Rockstar reveals GTA V features...

By Brendan Kelly

If Grand Theft Auto V was ever not the most highly-anticipated game of 2013, the new information that keeps leaking out has certainly made it so.

Rockstar today revealed a whole bunch of new stuff, including some new features (and some old ones making a comeback), more info about the characters’ special abilities, and new side missions.

If you didn’t like GTA IV because you had such high hopes after the masterwork that was San Andreas, your violent little heart will be warmed by the knowledge that the skill system will be making a return in GTA V.

That essentially means that performing an activity, like running, riding a bike, driving, etc. will make you gradually more proficient at said activity until you can bunny-hop seventeen feet in the air and do a backflip, which is pretty sweet.

New side-missions will include base jumping, off-roading, hunting and picking up hitchhikers.

Another much-missed feature from San Andreas and Vice City was the ability to accrue properties; well, in GTA V you can do that too. According to the latest factsheet players can buy houses, garages, marinas (OH MY GOD SO EXCITED) and businesses.

Customisation, too, will make a return in a big way – expect to be able to add tattoos, clothing and haircuts to each of the three playable characters. Even more than that, guns and weaponry can be modded to add silencers, scopes, laser sights and other such goodies to more effectively kill stuff.

Car modding is also back, including performance mods for the first time. Cool.

Each of the main characters has his own special ability. Michael, former bank robber, can slow down time a la Red Dead Redemption, repo man Franklin can do the same while driving. Trevor, an ex-army pilot and a borderline lunatic, gets a temporary strength and defence boost.

Some very cool stuff in the latest update – what do you guys think? Shaping up to be a success, or is GTA V still missing the stuff you loved from older titles in the series?

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