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Rule the battlefield with affordable gaming gear
Mon, 16th Oct 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Over the years, ASUS has been one of the most admired premium brands well-known for developing outstanding products above the norm to enhance the overall user experience.  Under this umbrella, there are well-established sub-brands such as the Republic of Gamers (ROG) and Strix (now part of the ROG family) each serve a different market need. They both equipped with unique designs, premium feature sets and top quality components to assist professional gamers and consumers to immerse more into their game. Casual gamers have longed for a quality gaming experience that was not covered by ROG, this gave birth to the new member of the family, the Cerberus. Let's take a look at what Cerberus brings us this year.

Cerberus v2 Gaming Headsets

First up in the Cerberus v2 headsets. Featuring 53mm Asus Essence drivers and dual microphone architecture, the Cerberus v2 headset delivers a clean presentation of sound for your application. Whether that is gaming on PC or consuls, or having a friendly chat with friends on the go. The stainless steel headband and ear cushions are designed for long lasting durability and maximum comfort well suited for long hour usage. It also comes in three (red/blue/green) colour variations, great for showing off your style. At just NZD$99.00, we find it to be a very attractive option.

Cerberus Mech RGB Gaming Keyboard

Quality mechanical keyboards not only feel great, they are also extremely long lasting, perfect for gaming applications where certain keys wear out a lot quicker than the rest. The Cerberus MECH RGB is equipped with quality 70-million keystrokes Kaihua RGB keys and the complete red/blue/black/brown key variations for the premium feel and response you desire. Perfect for gaming as well as work.  The 100% anti-ghosting N-key rollover (NKRO) and windows key lock ensure no unpleasant surprises in the event of an important battle in a complex battlefield.  Hardware-based on-the-fly macro recording delivers the convenience of having your very own macro settings on-the-go.  It also features customizable RGB lighting effects that can be configured for either stunning effects or specific arrangements to assist with your work. Definitely a great all-rounder that is hard to resist at the NZD$169.00 price point.

Cerberus Gaming Mouse

The Cerberus gaming mouse is a good option for full HD gaming on a budget. Featuring a 4 stage DPI switch with LED colour indicator, it is easy to keep track of your sensitivity. The ergonomic fits into the hand of both right and hand grip, and an improved rubber side grip for maximum comfort and long-lasting feel. At the NZD$49.00 price point, it is quite a good option for work and play.

Like the ROG and Strix, ASUS brought out some quite interesting and attractive offering with the Cerberus range. We will be keen to check out their next product soon.

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