05 May 2011
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Rumour: Amazon entering tablet market

Rumours of a Taiwanese manufacturer receiving a large-scale order for tablet devices from Amazon might not be far off base, according to Ars Technica

The tech blog notes that Amazon is uniquely positioned to develop a true iPad competitor, thanks to its existing online storefront and forthcoming branded Android app store. 

Ars Technica's Chris Foreman writes; "Combine Amazon's vast repository of MP3s, Kindle-format e-books, streaming TV and movies, and its own branded Android Appstore with touchscreen hardware at least as well made as the Kindle, and Amazon could offer the best iPad competition.

"Having its own source of Android apps outside of Google's Android Marketplace also gives Amazon plenty of room to differentiate both its hardware and Android's UI from Google's stiff compatibility requirements. That could give an Amazon tablet an additional leg up against competition from the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Tabs and the Motorola Xoom."

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