FutureFive NZ - Rumour: Bungie's next game a space MMO FPS

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Rumour: Bungie's next game a space MMO FPS

Kotaku Australia has reported that a source has revealed the nature of Bungie's next game, supposedly a space MMO FPS by the name of 'Destiny'.

The source came to Kotaku Australia, reportedly bitter after they were among around 30 part-time employees whose contracts were terminated.

"Bungie told our agencies that it was 'performance related' – but one of our fellow fired-employees was an IT contractor, and showed us an email he received before his account was killed, citing 'project sensitivity' and 'budgetary concerns from our publisher'," said the source to Kotaku. "Budgetary concerns is laughable considering the scraps we were paid."

Bungie, the developer most known for the blockbuster Halo franchise, has since denied the layoffs on its official website in a post entitled "Don't believe everything you read". However, it has failed to respond to or even acknowledge the claims surrounding the nature of its next game, which will be published by Activision. It's been a long-time rumour that Bungie's next project is an MMO of some description. 

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