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Samsung advocates for collaborative AI research
Tue, 23rd Jan 2018
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Samsung welcomed participants to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit on January 16-17, hosted by Samsung Research.

The event explored ways to accelerate AI research and to understand the best commercial applications of AI.

Samsung chief strategy officer Young Sohn says, “AI and machine learning are major strategic imperatives for Samsung.

“There's no doubt that, in the coming years, these technologies will completely change the way people interact with every device in their lives, from phones and wearables to home appliances and cars.

“For this to happen, we believe AI must be open, so we can harness the talent and expertise of a vast ecosystem of companies, and ultimately give consumers smarter, simpler, more meaningful interactions with the devices they love.

Samsung's AI Summit opened with a keynote by the company's Senior Vice President of AI Research, Larry Heck, a world-renowned leader in AI and voice recognition who has led AI teams at Microsoft, Google and Nuance.

During his talk, Heck outlined the need for increased industry collaboration to drive broader adoption and consumer confidence in AI technology.

He also advocated for the importance of making AI open to 3rd parties.

Heck says, “This is an incredible time in our industry,  AI and machine learning are becoming mainstream, used by millions each year.

“Yet, we need more collaboration in the industry, from companies to academics and researchers.

“It's time for us to find new ways to work together to ensure AI serves the needs of people first and foremost.

As a part of this collaborative effort, Samsung plans to host many more AI-related events around the globe this year.

Heck also shared Samsung's plans to tap its massive device ecosystem to learn user preferences and needs.

He states, “Under a common architecture, Samsung's AI platform will not only scale quickly but will also provide the deepest understanding of user context and behaviours, making AI more relevant and useful.

In November 2017, Samsung announced the creation of a new AI Research Center dedicated to applied research and development in the space. S

Samsung's new AI research centre also plans to open additional AI research labs across the globe.