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Samsung copies Apple's lead over smartphone cast-offs

15 Mar 13

Samsung has followed Apple's footsteps in ensuring older-generation Galaxy smartphone models keep a competitive value with that of past iPhones.

With Samsung set to unveil the Galaxy S4 to the world today, have we mentioned that?, the current S3 model is expected to take a 5% decline in value each month.

Falling in line with old iPhones, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone series can now be considered a good second-hand to possess according to trade-in site NextWorth.

"This kind of value decline before, during and after a new product release is something we have historically only seen with iPhone launches," said Jeff Trachsel, chief marketing officer, NextWorth.

"It is one more indication that Samsung is creating a similar franchise with the fourth Galaxy, where new models are rabidly sought by owners of older generations."

Given the S3 is enjoying it's last few hours at the top, for customers looking to indulge in Samsung's newest release, they can do so safe in the knowledge their previous smartphone is not completely worthless.

Monitoring the average selling price for used Galaxy S and S2 smartphones during April to August last year, both models declined by 5% in value once when S3 was released into the market.

But while Samsung customers can take advantage of this in the immediate future, Apple fanboys need not fear, with an iPhone 5S/6 expected for release within the next few months.

Samsung has been lapping up the attention this week, sending teasers through YouTube and Twitter, yet Apple's time is fast approaching as the fight for smartphone dominance intensifies further.

How much did you receive for past Samsung and Apple smartphones? Where did you sell them at? Tell us your experiences below

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