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Samsung expands wi-fi camera range

03 May 2012

Samsung has announced its new camera lineup, including more cameras fitted with wi-fi technology in answer to the trend towards relying on smartphone cameras for taking and sharing photos.

First introduced here with the SH100, wi-fi has now been extended to the DV300F – part of the 2View range – as well as the long-zoom WB 850F, WB150F, and ST200F.

Todd Selwyn, group product manager at Samsung New Zealand, says the addition of wi-fi reflects the growing trend towards shareability.

"Listening to our customers, we understood that the ability to conserve precious memory space and share images was what was missing from the high-quality cameras that they trust,” Selwyn says.

The models even include creativity features, in an answer to photo editing apps like Instagram.

"New Zealanders not only want to take great pictures, they also want to be able to add their own touch of creativity and easily share special moments with family and friends,” Selwyn says.

The DV300F is the first in the 2View range to boast wi-fi capability, enabling users to email their photos or upload them to Facebook or Flickr without connecting to a PC.

It also offers dual LCD screens, meaning you can check your photos if you’re shooting yourself, or if you’re shooting children, play an animation to keep them looking your way.

The WB850F features a 21x optical zoom lens, the WB150F an 18x optical ‘super zoom’ and the ST200F a 10x optical zoom lens. 

The DV300F will retail for $259, the ST200F for $299, the WB150F for $399 and the WB850F for $499.