FutureFive NZ - Samsung Galaxy S III 'Mini' set for unveiling

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Samsung Galaxy S III 'Mini' set for unveiling

Samsung will release the Galaxy S III 'Mini' in Germany this Thursday, in what will be a smaller version of its flagship smartphone device.

Company Mobile chief JK Shin confirmed the release, specifically aimed at the European market at present, and hinted the device will have a four-inch screen while retaining the power of its original smartphone design.

Revealed in a press conference to the South Korean media earlier this morning, Shin said that because "there is demand of a 4-inch Galaxy S III in the European market", the company would be making one.

The release looks set to be the most direct competitor to Apple's iPhone 5, as the same screen size of 4.8 inches indicating the product will try to counteract their American rivals in the smartphone market.

As reported by CNET Asia, an unnamed Samsung executive was reported to have said this in the meeting:

"Our biggest asset is our screen.

"It is very important that we make screen size bigger, and in the future mobile phones will absorb even the function of e-books."

Samsung did not comment on an exact release date for the product nor speculated whether the device would be sold outside of Europe in the near future.

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