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Top smartphones battle it out for battery dominance

Samsung and iPhone have long been hailed as the supreme leaders of smartphone technology, however, over the past year, many new contenders have entered the ring.

One of which is Huawei, and their latest phone the Mate 10. 

We decided to put the Samsung Note 8, Huawei Mate 10 and iPhone 8+ to the test and prove once and for all which one has the best battery technology.

In our video, we compared the three phones right out of the box.

Our aim was simple, we wanted to prove once and for all which phone charged the fastest and had the lowest battery consumption rates under high pressure. 

Check out the video here:

*Disclaimer, the content is this video is sped up to 200% of the original speed.

Video overview: 

Challenge 1: One-hour charge test 

In our first challenge we wanted to see which phone charged the fastest with the charger provided in the box, and to our surprise, the Mate 10 charged to an unbelievable 91% within 60 minutes. 

This result was incredible when compared with the 54% of the Note 8 and the 36% of the iPhone 8+. 

Challenge 2: 20 minutes of Youtube

Our second challenge tested how well the batteries handled sustained streaming.

In this test, both the Mate 10 and iPhone 8+ remained on 100% after the 20 minutes.

The Note 8 dropped by 4% to 96%.

Challenge 3: 30 minutes of Pokemon Go

In this test, we ramped it up and opened one of the Battery heaviest apps on the market, Pokemon Go. 

The Huawei Mate 10 proved to handle the game the best dropping to 94% after half an hour.
Both the iPhone 8+ and the Note 8 dropped to 91%. 

Challenge 4: One hour of Hearthstone

In this test, we wanted to see which of the phones could stick it out for the long haul. 

After the hour was up the winner was quite clear, the Mate 10 had only dropped to 84% while the Note 8 was on 70% and the iPhone 8+ was on 72%

So it would seem that the new kid on the block really does have a reason to be so confident as in the end their battery proved to be the best. 


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