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Samsung NZ saves the selfie snarling Black Cats...

26 Aug 14

Over in the UK it’s been reported that black cats are being abandoned by their owners because they don’t take good selfies. Yeah right, I hear you say. I said it too.

However, according to the UK RSPCA, nearly 70% of cats waiting to be adopted are black and one of the main reasons people aren’t taking them home is because they are trickier to photograph.

People taking selfies with their pets and posting them online has become so rampant that I see more pictures of cats and dogs online than I do of babies and children (and I’m not complaining).

However, according to the RSPCA, this rise in pet selfies has led to a rise in unwanted felines with darker features, because they don’t produce as good photos.

When I first read this I kind of understood. I have the cutest ginger cat you will ever see and he takes great photos. I also have a black dog and getting a good shot of her is quite difficult sometimes. But I can’t actually believe that when people go to shelters, their minds go “oh no, that cat won’t look good on Facebook”. It’s cat racism.

There are solutions to this “problem" - get a better camera.

Samsung New Zealand also jumped in on this weird “black cats can’t pose” rubbish. The company called in renowned animal photographer Rachael Hale McKenna to run a photoshoot at SPCA Auckland, to show the world how to take better photos of cats, especially black ones.

Rachael used the Samsung GS5 to take some pretty pictures of Lucky and Tinkerbell, currently up for adoption at the SPCA Auckland. “There are a few simple rules that everyone can follow to ensure that they get a super black cat snap on their smartphone,” says Rachael.

“Use a dark background and avoid direct sunlight for starters. Check out the camera app on your GS5, set the exposure to -2, switch off the flash function and then, most importantly, be patient. It can take a while to get a shot that really expresses the cat’s personality!”

The team at Samsung, together with Rachael, have put together a video to show people how it’s done.

“With cats being one of the most popular online subjects, we’re anticipating that the video will inspire Kiwis and others the world over, to do a better job of photographing cats, and ensure that more cats, regardless of their colour are given a loving home,” said Mike Cornwell, Marketing Director at Samsung New Zealand.

Check out the video below and after you’ve watched it, make sure you head to your nearest SPCA and adopt a cat. If you can’t adopt, donate some food or blankets.