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Samsung offers education solutions for schools

At this week’s conference for IT & Digital Business CeBIT 2015, Samsung Electronic has announced it is creating an innovative, open and collaborative IoT ecosystem.

Samsung Electronic president and CMO Won-Pyo Hong says that while significant advancements can be made when business adopt the Internet of Things, “we first have to overcome the challenges of platform compatibility, data analysis and security in order to accelerate IoT adoption."  

Samsung says it is introducing Samsung Business, a dedicated brand that unifies Samsung's end-to-end business solution portfolio, including tailored offerings for industry-specific uses across retail, education, hospitality, healthcare, finance and transportation.

Samsung's education solutions enrich the learning experience, enhance teaching effectiveness and allow administrators to run institutions more efficiently.

·       Samsung School Solution- Provides an interactive and collaborative learning environment by integrating Samsung mobile devices with interactive learning tools.

The solution makes classroom collaboration easier and more fun. Students are encouraged to actively engage in lessons through features such as screen-sharing, on-screen quizzes and digital handwriting using the S-pen.

The intuitive management tools allow teachers to conveniently prepare class materials and maintain control over students' learning devices and materials.

·       Samsung Cloud Print Service - An intuitive and end-to-end document workflow solution that allows teachers and students to easily handle, manage and monitor printing devices and documents to improve productivity and flexibility.

·       Workbook Composer for Education Vertical - Workbook Composer is an editing solution that allows scanned documents to be converted into a text document directly from the printer. 

Customers can select the areas they wish to scan, convert the areas into a file and then print the file or send it via email for further editing. It's convenient and also a faster way to complete paperwork for educators and students.

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