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Samsung offers new angle for camera market

11 Oct 11

Photographers are being offered a new level of flexibility with the new Samsung MV800, a 16.1 megapixel camera that boasts a nifty hinged screen for easier angle shooting.

The 3-inch-wide touch screen is hinged along the top of the camera, allowing the user to frame their shot accurately even if the camera is much higher or lower than their eyes. 

The screen even flips a full 180 degrees, for people who like to take photos of themselves.

Samsung has previously explored this territory with its DualView camera, which had both rear- and front-facing screens.

The MV800 takes this even further, in the form of the Pose Guide, a gallery of framing suggestions which can be superimposed over the display to help the photographer pose their subject (or themselves) in an appealing way.

The Pose Guide is an example of the sort of apps camera makers need to include to combat increased competition from smartphones. The MV800 also includes apps for photo manipulation, picture-in-picture, and face distortion.

The camera will retail in New Zealand for $399.95. Go here for more.

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