Samsung S4 stress test expects the unexpected

14 Jun 13

In a typical DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME style video, Samsung has shared reliability testing for the Galaxy S4 - just for your own piece of mind.

The South Korean company is no stranger to building majestic devices then hurtling them through a series of extreme stress tests, all in the name of customer satisfaction.

And once again the electronics giant has allowed customers to see exactly what its devices endure before being released into the market.

"Accidents happen, both to us and our possessions," Samsung says. "We cannot prevent every mishap, but we can prepare for the worst.

"Smartphones can be used anywhere and everywhere, and because of this their exposure to unsafe environments is higher than other products.

"When you invest in your new smartphone, how can you be sure that it is strong enough for the wear and tear of daily life? You might wonder how durable our smartphones are.

"With this in mind, we would like to share this video of Samsung Galaxy S4 reliability testing."

Encountering the 'consecutive drop test', 'impact test', 'sink test' and 'temperature test', Samsung says "sustomer peace of mind is paramount, and you should feel free to use it in any environment.

"But remember, these tests are run by trained professionals, so DO NOT try these tests at home."

Is your Galaxy S4 durable? Tell us your experiences below

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