FutureFive NZ - Samsung to pay Apple $129,000 per day

Warning: This story was published more than a year ago.

Samsung to pay Apple $129,000 per day

Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple US$129,000 per day after a high court ruling in Holland, on top of maintaining their Galaxy Devices ban.

As Apple continues to struggle with their European lawsuits against the South Korean company, a Dutch court ruled in their favour, saying Samsung infringed on Apple patents.

Scrolling through a photo gallery on a touchscreen was enough to win the case for Apple, with Samsung guilty of emulating the design on their Galaxy products.

Applying specifically to devices running Android 2.2.1, Cult of Mac describes Apple's patent as "allowing a zoomed-in image to be scrolled past and then revealing part of the next set of images."

Samsung expressed their "disappointment" with the ruling during an official statement, while Apple has yet to comment.

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