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Sanyo 5600 1GB

01 Dec 2005

This sleek and stylish calm-shell mobile from Sanyo is more than just a phone, leaning more towards a fully fledge multimedia device. The 5600 lets you listen to stereo-quality music (MP3/AAC); take 1.3-megapixel photos with an inbuilt-flash and view the latest video content at up to 15 frames per second with the built-in media player. On top of this is the added expandability thanks to a miniSD memory card slot that will take up to 1 GB of data (over 250 songs) for music on the go. The inbuilt camera can also record up to 30 seconds of video letting you share clips with friends and family. This same technology lends itself to streaming video allowing you to catch up with news reports or music video on the go. The USB cable included allows you to connect the 5600 to your PC for storage and transfer. However, one of the main highlights of the Sanyo 5600 is the extensive (and high quality) range of games that it can handle. The large 2.2 inch LCD 260K colour screen offers crisp graphics and a large amount of detail – especially in games like King Kong (see below for more).

With most new Telecom mobiles, the “Push 2 Talk” feature is present and the 5600 has handy buttons strategically placed on the outside for quick access to this “walkie-talkie” mode, the camera and voice recording facilities. It is all these features that make the 5600 extremely well-balanced and almost confusing as to who this phone is aimed at. It has great business features and looks like a corporate phone – however the in-depth music, video and gaming capabilities push the 5600 into a whole new realm of entertainment as well. It really is multi-talented and offers a lot in a small package.

King Kong: OfficialMobile GameLike the console version of the game, you can alternate between playing Jack and Kong himself through eight levels from the dense jungle of Skull Island to the dizzying heights of Manhattan. As Jack, the game plays like a classic platformer (think Lode Runner) where your duty will be to protect Ann from the jungle’s traps and vicious natives using primitive weapons and cunning. By slipping into the skin of the imposing Kong all you need to do is smack around ferocious dinosaurs. However you’ll also need to secure a way in the jungle for her before scaling skyscrapers and dealing with puny human forces in the final New York levels. Available on: Sanyo 2300, 4920, 5600, 7400, 8100, 8200, Nokia 3205 and 6225 Pricing: $7.95 Buy it now

Brothers in Arms: Earned in BloodIn this top-down shoot-em-up you are a soldier in a paratrooper squad stuck in a fight for survival after your chaotic beach-landing and through to the African desert where the menacing regiments of the Afrikacorps wait for you. During your mission, you will need to protect a doctor, destroy a bunker, and hold positions as well as watch out for enemy bombings and traps. With 7 different missions, you’ll have a veritable arsenal at your disposal: rifles, submachine guns, grenades, a flame-thrower, and even an assault tank. This can be purchased from Telecom for $7.95 at anytime, from anywhere.Available on: Sanyo 2300, 4920, 5600, 5600, 7400, 8200, Nokia, 6225, 6235, Samsung a680 Pricing: $7.95 Buy it now

New York Nights: Success in the CityNew York Nights is a simulation game unlike any you’ve ever seen. Experience life in the Big Apple: groove all night in clubs, rock out with your favourite bands at concerts or go to the gym and get pumped up! Visit the city’s hotspots: by meeting more people, you’ll open doors to new jobs and opportunities that will lead to success, wealth and maybe even true love! You will also have to develop your personal attributes (intelligence, reactivity, sense of humour, health and beauty) to gain popularity. Will you be the eternal coffee shop barista, frustrated and perpetually single? Or will you strike it rich and famous and find your soul mate? Sounds like hard work to us – but this certainly is a unique and addictive mobile game.Available on: Nokia 6225 and 3205, Sanyo, 8200, 7400 and 5600 Pricing: $6.95 Buy it now

Midnight PoolTry to hustle the hustlers in an authentic American pool hall setting that fits right in the palm of your hand. The game has an extensive number of options which allow you to completely customise your gaming experience – select the rule set you’d like to use (US 8 ball, UK 8 ball or 9 ball), the characters you challenge, and even the colours of the table. The game also has different modes of play which allow you to take on individuals, play in tournaments, or accept particular challenges like clearing the table in only three shots, or using only two of the four pockets. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pool player, the intuitive gameplay and fast learning curve make for a great mobile experience. Rack ‘em up, break, and sink ‘em all!Available on: Nokia 6255, 3205 and 6235 Sanyo 2300, 8100, 4920, 7400 and 5600 Pricing: $7.95 Buy it now