FutureFive NZ - Screamride is one heck of a fun ride

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Screamride is one heck of a fun ride

Screamride is not your typical sim-based rollercoaster video game. Even though the game is made by Rollercoaster Tycoon's Frontier Developments, Screamride offers a different kind of exhilarating experience. 

Whereas in the Rollercoaster Tycoon games you were able to manage an amusement park, Screamride is more about the fun of riding a rollercoaster itself. Not only that, but it takes things to a whole new level. This is because Screamride encourages you to go fast and crash into things. 

It's hard to really describe what Screamride is like as there has never been a game released that is quite like it. The closest series I can think about is EA's very fun Burnout series. You can ride rollercoasters really fast using "turbo", and there is even a mode in the game that encourages you to dish out as much destruction as possible. 

Screamride is essentially a game that is broken up in three parts. The modes are Screamrider, Demolition and Engineer. Screamrider is where you ride in pre-made rollercoasters as you try and ride on them without falling off. You can accelerate and try to ride on the rollercoasters in the fastest time you can get. A boost of turbo allows you to gain more speed, while many obsacles try and derail you.

Demolition is my favourite mode in Screamride. This is where you can launch huge balls into the air to destroy many targets such as buildings and screens. The ball launcher allows you to control the trajectory and there is also explosives littered to in the levels too to make your job easier. Seeing the buildings crumble in slow motion is quite a sight to see. 

The Engineer mode is where you create rollercoasters of your own, although there are some parameters you have to follow. This might include making a rollercoaster that doesn't make people nauesous, or try to make it the ride exhilarating as possible. The Engineer mode allows you to do many things like adding "boosters" for the rollercoaster to go faster, or loops and corkscrews to make it more exciting for the riders. 

As fun as those modes are in Screamride, most people will have the most fun in the "Sandbox" mode. This is where you are able to create your own levels and write all of your own rules. You can choose to create a standard rollercoaster level, or your own demolition level if you want to. You can use the items you unlock in the other three modes in Sandbox. The dark side of me had the most fun in Freemode when I didn't complete rollercoasters properly. You can test-ride incomplete rollercoasters and see all of the crashes unfold.

Another cool thing about Screamride is that you can upload your created levels for others to experience. You can also download levels that other people have made too. There weren't many levels up at the time I reviewed this game, but there is sure to be hundreds of levels available when the game is officially comes out later this week. 

There are only a few flaws I can think about in Screamride. The Xbox One version I reviewed look more like a last-generation video game. The graphics aren't bad, but they're not jaw-dropping or pretty either. The visuals could have been much better. There is also a lack of a multiplayer mode too. The only competitive thing you can do is check the leaderboards of the scores you attain in the Career mode. 

Apart from the few flaws I mentioned above, Screamride is one of the best and more unique games I have played in recent months. It's a breath of fresh air with all the shooters and sports games getting released lately. Screamride is also one of the funniest games I've played too thanks to the enjoyment of seeing incomplete rollercoasters. This game is totally worth checking out if you own an Xbox One or Xbox 360. 

Verdict: 9.0/10

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