Sharing photos on Facebook via smartphone has become much easier - and cooler

03 Nov 14

Facebook has made it easier for users to quickly share multiple photos using their smartphone.

Before the update, sharing multiple images from a phone’s gallery onto the social media site wasn't always a seamless process. Users could rearrange the order of photos in albums from Facebook's website but had little control over the order photos appeared in mobile uploads.

Users can now you can choose the exact order of photos when uploading to Facebook for iPhone and Android.

The Facebook app generates a quick preview of how the photos will display on the social network. Users can the rearrange the order in which the photos appear by holding down on a photo and dragging it to a new position.

Facebook is calling this ‘a story’, where users can write an introduction and add captions, tags and locations to individual photos. Users can select up to 30 photos at once. Once a user shares the photos, they will be displayed in a new collage layout that emphasises the order of the photos.

Facebook is positioning photos as a platform for telling stories, rather than a platform for storing photos. While the new emphasis on stories may not seem like a significant difference, the company believes that by emphasising a more curated approach, it will make photos more engaging.

Stories will be treated differently than photo albums. Photos within a user’s story will appear in the ‘Your Photos’ tab, but will not appear in a user’s albums.

The stories feature began to roll out last week.

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