FutureFive NZ - Shoe serious? Google reveals talking footwear

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Shoe serious? Google reveals talking footwear

Touch your toes. Have a conversation. And simply walk off.

First the landline, then the cellphone, then the smartphone, then Google Glass, then the iWatch, and now 'Smart Shoes.'

That's right, Google have unveiled an early prototype for the motion-sensing footwear, embedded with a talking speaker on the tongue.

In unison with Adidas, the 'Smart Shoes' were designed purely to shed light on the search giant's new advertising campaign called Art, Copy and Code.

While rivals Apple and Samsung use conventional marketing methods such as quirky videos and adverts, Google decides to hack a pair of trainers. Quite remarkable.

Designed to show "how you can use objects to tell stories on the web today," the trainers relay information to a smartphone via the speaker.

Meaning for those slouches not working out to full potential at the gym, or slacking during an evening jog, motivation will come from the ground up, in the form of an inspirational shoe.

Still following?

"If you put what the shoe knows through an algorithmic logic engine, it can translate it into copy," says Aman Govil, head of Google's advertising team.

"Now if you give that copy to an interesting copy writer, you could give the shoe personality.

"One shoe could be the trash-talking shoe."

Maybe not necessary but certainly impressive, one can only hope the gadget means the correct levels of masculinity for Google co-founder Sergey Brin, who believes the smartphone to be 'emasculating.'

Yeah sure, getting screamed at by a talking shoe is every man's dream.

Could the 'Smart Shoe' run away with the market share if it was released? Tell us your thoughts below

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