Sid Meier's Pirates! hits Wii in October

26 Aug 10

2K Games has announced that Sid Meier's Pirates! for Nintendo Wii will hit New Zealand shelves on October 8th.

The classic 1987 title has been adapted for the Wii by 2K China and allows players to:

  • Descend upon unsuspecting seaside colonies armed with a motley crew of loyal seafaring scoundrels.

  • Embark on exhilarating missions, locate secret maps and discover treasure chests bursting with gold and jewels.

  • Use newfound riches to barter for supplies and build ships with stronger firepower and bigger sails for faster speed and better navigation.

  • Plunge head-first into exciting pirate ship battles, unleash a furious barrage of cannonballs and send nautical enemies to Davy Jones’ Locker.

  • Dispatch noisy blowhards using expert swordsmanship in clanging fights of sharp blades of steel.

  • Pursue and win the hearts of fair maidens through cunning tactics and charming good looks.

The Wii version will also feature two exclusive mini games - Bombardment and Lock Picking - on top of the classic mini games from the original title.

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