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Silly Samsung mocks Apple fans

Samsung's new Galaxy S III advert attempts to mock Apple's religious army of followers, days before the official public launch of the iPhone 5.

Famed for passionately queuing awaiting new releases, Apple's hardcore fans come under attack from a tongue-in-cheek commercial on the Samsung Mobile USA YouTube channel.

Titled "The Next Big Thing is Here Already - The Galaxy S III", the South Korean giant shows fans eagerly waiting for the company's flagship device in a manner more accustomed to die-hard Apple fans.

The mocking 90-second campaign follows a line of Samsung ads poking fun at the world's most valuable company, who shifted two million copies of their new product within 24 hours of trading last week.

Samsung posted a mocking advertisement pitting it’s own Galaxy S III against the iPhone 5 earlier this week, titled “It doesn’t take a genius”, in blatant reference to Apple’s TV and customer support representatives who they call ‘Geniuses’, listing the two handset’s side-by-side in a highly biased comparison.

Yet they have decided to go one further with the video in a desperate attempt to claw back some ground as Apple's stock rose above the US$700 mark for the first time this week.

Check out the video below:

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