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Singstar: Rocks

Imagine a gig with headlining bands including the Offspring, Jet, the Killers, the Rolling Stones, Franz Ferdinand, Powderfinger, Coldplay, Blur and many more. Now you can enjoy all of these bands in your own living room thanks to the latest incarnation of Singstar from Sony, London.
Featuring 30 fully licensed tracks from from the rock genre (which seems to be causing some controversy with the track choice) - SingStar Rocks! is a step in a new direction. If you’re a guy like me – you’ll welcome this as finally you have something to sing along to when your female flatmates get out their mics. There is nothing quite like screaming out the “whoo-hoo” parts in Song 2 by Blur at the top of your voice whilst making the facial expressions of a constipated lemur. It’s fantastic revenge for having to listen to “Material Girl” by Madonna  14 times in one night. Complete with the original music videos, SingStar Rocks! captures the spirit and energy of some classic rock tracks, continuing the same features that made the original games so successful with some nice surprises too. There is a new gameplay mode that combines the legendary game of Pong (two bats and a ball) with Singstar allowing you to control your paddle with the pitch of your voice. A novel idea that may not be played over and over – but still can be a lot of fun at a party (when the room slowly fills with dying cat noises as players frantically try and get the ball).
The game is also EyeToy® compatible allowing you to incorporate yourself singing within the game, rather than the traditional music video (perfect for highly egotistical types). Basically - if you liked Singstar 80s (or the other editions) and have a passion for rock – you’re going to love Rocks!. So dust-off your air guitar, grab your mic, turn down the lights and rock on.

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