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Singstar: take that

I don’t actually know how I managed to end up in this position. There was mention of free booze and there was talk of cackling laughter in a big-old boy band mock-up. So why is it now, boozeless and devoid of humour, that I feel so dirty? I’ve showered, again and again and again, but it is still there.
What it is, perhaps, is guilt. There is nothing that can really hide the shame of the deed I have done.
And that foul deed is one that goes against everything I believe in musically. It is through teary eyes that I admit this, but I played SingStar: Take That.
Apparently, this is only the third band-specific SingStar release after SingStar’s Queen and Abba supplements. Pretty much every English-speaking adult in the world should be able to at least hum either an Abba or a Queen tune, so why they chose Take That to follow is a mystery.
I guess it is fair to say that this is one of those ‘fans only’ releases. And the closest I have come to being a Take That fan is the two years I spent insulting my younger sister for her short-lived favour of Take That and fellow boy band luminaries Boyzone (I expect their SingStar is in the pipelines right now, possibly with a Ronan Keating solo supplement).
So how was it? Well, firstly my friends insulted me, laughing at my horrible rendition of ‘A Million Love Songs’.
My pitch was awful, as highlighted by the block things awkwardly flying around the bottom of the screen.
Anyway, SingStar: Take That runs like all those SingStar games do: grab the mic and let loose. While it is not my cup of tea, if you like Take That, know the tunes and have the urge to sing along to a music video in your lounge, then you’ll probably love it.

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