Six Nintendo 3DS augmented-reality games tipped

23 Feb 11

Wired has reproduced details sent in by an anonymous tipster about the six augmented-reality (AR) games said to be pre-installed on Nintendo 3DS systems.

The tipster, who was reportedly provided with early, comprehensive preview access to the 3DS, used the following descriptors for the AR games: Fishing, Graffiti, AR Shot, Mii Pics and Star Pics. The tipster warns, however, that these are not the official titles, and that the line-up could potentially change by the time the 3DS launches.

The Augmented Reality aspect of the 3DS makes use of the dual rear-facing cameras and six special AR cards bundled with the device. Using the cards, the 3DS can then transpose virtual images over the real-life video captured by the cameras.

You'll find comprehensive descriptions of the AR games near the bottom of the Wired piece.

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