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The sky is falling! Keep an eye out for drones plummeting from the heavens
Wed, 26th Jul 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The DJI Spark, the most affordable consumer drone that the manufacturer has released, seems to be having some slight flight issues.

On the DJI support forum, several users have complained that their drones are losing power mid-flight.

According to Quartz, at least 14 separate complaints have been registered across DJI's two forums.

Some forum posters suggest that some of the crashes could've been user error, but others shared their drones' flight logs and showed nothing out of the ordinary had been happening before the crash.

Users guessing that the sensors which detect how close the Spark is to the ground, and what direction the drone is facing might have misinterpreted where the drone was, and thought it was time to power down.

A DJI spokesperson saying, “DJI is aware of these reports and we are investigating to determine the causes.”

This is not the first instance of drones falling from the sky.

GoPro's Karma drone had to be recalled after 2,500 units fell from the sky.

After a three-month-long recall, GoPro announced it had fixed the problem.

The company attributed the problem to a fault in the design of the latch that holds the drone's battery in place.

This led to loose battery connections that caused several drones to power down mid-flight.

The company saying the updated Karma drones have a redesigned battery latch that went through extensive testing that should prevent future failures.

Some DJI users speculating that this may be the cause for their drone crashes as well.

DJI provided another comment to Quartz saying, “Flight safety and product reliability are top priorities, our engineers are thoroughly reviewing each customer case and working to address this matter urgently.

“DJI products are tested for thousands of hours, and the overwhelming number of customers enjoy using our products with minimal disruption.

“We are looking to implement additional safeguards with a firmware update which will be issued soon.”

DJI is the world's leading company in the civilian-drone industry, accounting for 70% of the global consumer drone market.

DJI manufactures a range of products including unmanned aerial vehicles, flying platforms, flight controllers for multi-rotors, helicopter accessories, aerial and handheld gimbals and ground stations.

We have no doubt that this problem will be resolved soon.

Until then however, it might be wise to keep an eye on the sky for falling drones.