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Sky, Vodafone merger 'raises some questions'

13 Jun 16

Calls for network neutrality have emerged following the proposed merger of Sky and Vodafone announced last week.

Net neutrality means anyone can buy the company’s content and get the same service.

InternetNZ the merger between Sky and Vodafone raises some questions.

"Big content companies which own networks have an ability, and an incentive, to maximise their sales,” says InternetNZ deputy chief executive Andrew Cushen.

“Therefore, a large TV provider joining forces with a large telco does raise some questions,” he says.

Network neutrality would mean that all customers can buy a company's content and get the same service, whether they buy broadband or not. It would also mean that when purchasing Vodafone broadband there would be no discrimination against content from other providers similar to Sky.

"We would like to hear from Vodafone and Sky about what the merged company's stance will be on network neutrality and whether it will commit to an open internet,” says Cushen.

“A positive outcome would see a promise of universally available content, from all origins, to all destinations,” he adds.

"There is no clear rules about network neutrality in New Zealand, but questions are being asked in the current Telecommunications Act review process,” Cushen explains. “Those questions may have even more relevance now.

"It's important for all Internet users that we preserve a competitive environment in New Zealand's telecommunications sector," he says.

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