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Skype promises Mac improvements - won't say when

10 Nov 2010

After the Skype Mac community, and Xero CEO Rod Drury, came out and blasted the recent Skype 5.0 beta release, the company has said it will work hard to make further improvements but stopped short of a giving release date.

Yesterday we reported that Rod Drury took to Twitter to slam the update, "Skype for Mac beta is the worst redesign I can think of. Stuns me how such an important update for a huge market is a design disaster.”

Many users downloaded the beta only to quickly uninstall it and revert to the previous version of the software.

When asked for a response to the negative reaction (evident here on the Skype blog), we received what reads like the standard company line, rather than an explanation and information on when fixes might be made available.

"Skype is committed to the Mac OS ecosystem which is why we went through this thorough redesign. We are focused on delivering a superior experience for our users and welcome their feedback on this Beta version. We will continue to work hard to make further improvements to the product," said the company.