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Skype upgrade approaching for Messenger customers

20 Feb 2013

Starting April 8, Microsoft will begin upgrading customers from Messenger to Skype.

The company says the process will take a few weeks to complete, and comes later than the original March 15 date Microsoft previously mentioned.

"To keep chatting with your Messenger contacts, simply upgrade to the latest version of Skype using the instructions below and sign in using a Microsoft account (this is the same ID you use to sign into Messenger)," Microsoft says.

"Once signed in, your contacts will already be there. You'll be able to instant message and make video calls with them just like before, and start discovering new ways of staying in touch, including Skype on your mobile or tablet."

So, what's happening between now and the upgrade?

Messenger will continue to work as you know it today. If you are signed in with Messenger on your Windows and Mac desktops you will see a banner notification to upgrade.

When you click on the banner, an installer window will open with the request to upgrade, this will take you through our installer flow, to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger.

So, what's happening after the upgrade?

Messenger users on Windows and Mac desktops will not be able to sign in and will only be able to upgrade to Skype.

If you attempt to sign in, a notification will appear, and if you continue, you will be taken through our installer flow, to install Skype and automatically uninstall Messenger at the same time.

Can I upgrade to Skype on my mobile or tablet?

Yes. Skype is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 8. While you can still use Messenger on your mobile until a future date, we encourage you to download the latest version of Skype on your mobile or tablet.

You will be able to sign into Skype on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 8 mobile apps with your Microsoft account over the next few weeks.

For more help on upgrading to Skype, click here