07 Jun 2012
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Skyrim too big to be bug-free: Bethesda

By Brendan Kelly

The problem with having an infinite number of monkeys making an infinite number of quests is that you wind up with an infinite number of glitches.

Bethesda marketing guru Peter Hines told OXM in an interview yesterday that although the company is committed to ironing out all the bugs in Skyrim, it may well be an impossible task.

"This is a constant learning process, and… we continue to take extra steps and do all we can to ensure that the game is as good and as stable as possible.”

For those of us who took the time to do as much as possible in the game, it becomes pretty difficult to function once your save file reaches the dreaded 10MB mark.

Hines says the beta testing of the first Skyrim DLC, Dawnguard, is designed to discover as many potential bugs as possible before the official release date.

"We want to get it out to people, let a larger number of people play it to see if they can find things we haven’t uncovered. Because again, the number of permutations that a savegame can represent is essentially infinite. It’s impossible to get every different version.”

Although I’m aware that Skyrim was an extremely good game, Bethesda have been getting away with this for far too long – the problems experienced in Skyrim are identical to those from Fallout 3 and New Vegas, right down to the lagging in the later stages of the game.

Todd Howard, another Bethesda staffer, told Joystiq that the Dawnguard DLC is tentatively scheduled for release on June 26.

If it’s anything like the Fallout 3 DLC packages, players might have to start an entirely new game to eliminate the lag issues – but I guess we’ll see how we go.

The Dawnguard trailer does look pretty awesome though, with kickass-looking gargoyle things and the addition of what look very much like crossbows.

If you want to apply for the beta testing period you can go here, although you’ll need a registered account on the site and have to be willing to play on Xbox 360, as the PS3 and PC DLC has yet to be officially announced.

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