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Smart doorbell to reduce burglaries in New Zealand

Perhaps the best part of smart home technology is an increase in security and peace of mind. The Ring Video Doorbell is the latest in home security technology for New Zealanders.

Accodring to Ring, using the Ring Video Doorbell and the accompanying app, homeowners can answer the door from anywhere, and they mean anywhere. If you’ve popped into the dairy for some milk, or you’re in Croatia on a Contiki trip.

The obvious aim is to reduce burglary related crime in neighbourhoods in New Zealand. The technology has also been backed by Sir Richard Branson, which isn’t a bad name to have behind your product.

The Doorbell uses night vision and motion sensors to alert the homeowner of any suspicious activity. It can also provide convenience for several common scenarios. For example, the video and two-way audio of the RVD can be used to instruct a courier to safely leave a package, to send away suspicious strangers, or even to greet the kids when they get home after school.

Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff is glad to offer increased home security to New Zealanders.

“We’re very excited to introduce Ring to our New Zealand neighbours. We are committed to our mission of reducing crime in neighbourhoods, and we know that by creating a ‘Ring of Security’ around homes, we can empower homeowners to proactively fight crime in their community,” he says.

The RVD can also provide safety for family members. As an example, a Ring Video Doorbell installed in a home in the UK detected activity outside and alerted the family of someone outside at 2am. Using the camera on the doorbell they recognised  their 82-year-old father, who suffers from dementia and had wandered away from home. They were able to get him home safe and sound.

Home burglaries in New Zealand are becoming more common, with an increase of more than 6,000 between January and July from 2015 to 2016. An experiment in Los Angeles showed that when 10% of homes in a specific community installed the RVD, daytime burglaries in the district were reduced by 55%.

Ring hopes to see similar results in New Zealand.

“The best bit about the Ring Neighbourhood that we set up in LA was there were no burglaries reported where a Ring Video Doorbell was installed and it’s this peace of mind security that New Zealand home owners will now have,” says Siminoff.

The Ring Video Doorbell costs $350, which is not a bad price if you’re after some peace of mind while away from your home for any period of time. It is available to buy now from Ring.com, JB-HiFi, Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.

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