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Smartphone ownership skyrocketing: IDC

Technology industry analysts IDC have released a new report suggesting smartphone ownership in New Zealand households has risen from 13% in 2011 to a massive 44% in 2012.

High demand and increased competition in the mobile market are cited by Glen Saunders, senior analyst, Telecommunications for IDC NZ, as the factors driving the trend.

"The average customer now gets more value for their dollar than they did at the beginning of 2011,” Saunders says, "with more minutes, text and data available for more customers.

"It’s been an extremely exciting year with cheaper smartphones, a broader range of promotional and product offers from all the mobile operators, and of course more and more people are starting to understand what ‘apps’ are.”

IDC is forecasting that mobile data usage will grow 16.6% year-on-year until 2016.

Mobile operator 2degrees recently launched a service allowing users to share their data between multiple devices, recognising the growing importance of data to consumers.

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