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Smartphone thieves target Auckland

07 Nov 2012

Around 40 smartphones are stolen across Auckland each week, with police concerned about the large numbers going missing at the hands of thieves.

Smartphones are frequently targeted by property crime offenders as items of high value which are easy to steal and relatively easy to dispose of according to Auckland City Central Police.

As a result of the rise in smartphone crime, police are reminding the public of the importance of taking care of their possessions.

"The recent increase in smartphones being stolen demonstrates the massive demand for these items," says Inspector Andrew Coster, Auckland City Central area commander.

"Technology can assist in the recovery of stolen phones, as recent apprehensions demonstrate.

"However, prevention is better than cure and, by taking appropriate care, people can guard against their property going missing."

In some cases recently, Police have observed a trend of offenders stealing cellphones and then contacting their owners demanding money for the return of the phone.

During the past week police say they have been involved in two cases where this occurred, with officers able to intercept the offender who demanded cash from the victim on both occasions.

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