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Snapchat drones could be coming your way soon
Mon, 29th May 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Snapchat's parent company Snap is making more moves to innovate in the social media space. Their latest venture appears to be putting their camera technology atop drones, which could potentially prove to be a game changer.

Snap's recent acquisition of Ctrl Me Robotics for "under $1 million," was reported on recently has pointed to the snapchat-drone pairing.

Venice Beach-based robotics company is technically a drone manufacturer, but a report from Variety indicates that Ctrl Me Robotics' true expertise is the customisation and aftermarket parts for existing drones to be able to carry cameras rather than specializing in drone production.

With their headquarteres in the same "Silicon Beach" neighborhood of Venice as Snap, the drone-focused startup may help Snap further its mission of moving from a mere app company to what they've been calling themselves for a while now - a camera company.

With this on the table, it's beginning to look like Snap is encroaching on GoPro's territory, but with far greater reach into the mainstream consumer space. While GoPro has a relatively niche market of enthusiast action-camera users, Snap encaptures millions of consumers with their Snapchat app.

At this stage it is still unclear what Snap's plans are for the company's expertise. At least one hint may rest in an Instagram post from Ctrl Me Robotics from almost two years ago. In it, the company shows off a drone fitted with a smartphone to "Snapchat from your drone."

Social media is currently an arms race with companies constantly battling to capture the latest and greatest technology. The general attitude seems to be the more innovation the better, no matter how effective or groundbreaking it is. What it has resulted in is every platform losing their unique and defining qualities, and social media all blending into one live-streaming-temporary-photo-like-or-dislike mess. Fun times.