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Snow-Way? Internet MANA shuns US with whistleblower visa plans...

20 Sep 2014

Internet MANA will put the case to the new government to welcome global surveillance whistle blower Edward Snowden, granting him safe passage and residency in New Zealand.

Leaders Hone Harawira and Laila Harré claim Snowden had made "enormous personal sacrifice" to tell the world about global surveillance organisation Five Eyes network, in which New Zealand is an active participant.

“Edward Snowden was motivated by a deep ethical concern with the systematic misrepresentation by governments of their surveillance activities to their own populations," Harré claims.

"His actions have revealed multiple breaches of national and international law and privacy intrusion on a massive scale.

“We know that Edward Snowden wants to return home to the United States.

"However, until his safety there can be guaranteed he should be offered the option of moving to a democratic English-speaking country.

"That is what we want the new government to enable. We are sure that New Zealanders would want to see him protected while he pursues all his options for returning to the United States.”