SO COM: Fireteam Bravo 3

01 Apr 10

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 is the third SOCOM game made exclusively for the PSP, and developers Slant Six games did not hold back in making this game as action-packed as its predecessors.
One difference in this title is that you can now customise your arsenal of weaponry. The game features over 70 weapons that you can modify to best meet your needs on the battlefield. If you want to go stealth then you can add a silencer, or if you’re more of a sniper you can add a scope for long-range combat. You can unlock more attachments and/or weapons when you earn credits as you play through the main missions.
In the solo campaign mode you will assume the role of Wraith, who will lead your team of four Navy SEALs to find and interrogate Alexander Gozorov, a man believed to know information of an attack involving weapons of mass destruction. Okay, the story may be clichéd but the gameplay itself is sure to please any shooting fan.
If you thought it wasn’t possible to make a competent shooter on the PSP due to its control limitations, think again. The controls are quite similar to those seen in Modern Warfare 2, and there is an auto-lock system that enables you to alternate between targets one at a time. However the lack of a sprint button or an evasive roll did hinder the experience a little – especially if you’re trying to avoid an incoming grenade.
The single player campaign isn’t particularly long. Only a stingy eight levels are available, which will take you no longer than four or five hours to complete no matter the difficulty you play on. There is, however, the option to play cooperatively with up to four friends and an online multiplayer mode if you do get bored of the single-player mode.
There’s no doubt SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 is the most enjoyable shooter available on the PSP. Think of it as a mix between Gears of War and Modern Warfare 2 for a handheld console. Highly recommended.

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