FutureFive NZ - Social media tracks down thief who stole from youth charity

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Social media tracks down thief who stole from youth charity

A video post on Facebook by Youthline has helped identify a brazen thief who took off with the charity’s bench seat.

Footage clearly captures the man grabbing the bench from the charity’s Ponsonby office and taking it to his truck, which is also clearly seen in the video.

"We now look forward to chilling in the sunshine and having to sit on milk crates instead," the charity says on the Facebook post.

"He looks like he knew what he was after - our beloved bench seat."

A large sticker advertising “Tree Pruning” can be seen across the top of the truck's windscreen.

What an idiot....Mr Tree Pruner.... Own up it's a pretty clear bloody photo of you and your bald head!” One user commented.

With over 500 shares and over 100 comments, the video quickly spread around social media. Commenters looked up the license plate and went as far to checking if the car was stolen using the NZ Police website.

“Saw this guy I'm sure about an hour ago on Great South Rd in Ellerslie. I had him up about it by saying he was all over the internet. He looked a little shocked and said the company had five trucks so I left him. Wish I got his license plate number, it looked like him.” Another user said.

Another user also saw the man in Penrose and wrote down the license plate number and the company name.

Youthline responded to the comments, ÿour willingness to help and your rallying around us has definitely reminded us how lucky we are to live in and contribute to a community like ours.


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