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01 May 2010

Introducing Meateaters.co.nz, a Kiwi website that is a meat enthusiast’s dream come true.

If you like to talk about, cook and, of course, eat meat, Meateaters.co.nz is for you. It’s packed with heaps of great advice on everything from where to buy meat, to tips on how to prepare it, as well as meaty news items and oddities from around the world. Most importantly, it includes some of the most mouth-watering recipes a carnivore ever saw. How does stuffed pork belly rolled in porchetta sound? Or barbecued butterflied lamb with honey and rosemary?

Or how about slow cooked steak in red wine with gremolata dumplings? Honestly, it all looks so good you’ll be lucky if you can get through more than a few pages without your stomach beginning to make demands. All the big subjects in the world of meat are covered – namely pork, beef and lamb – and the site has a definite New Zealand flavour (no pun intended). And did I mention the recipes?

And while there’s not much action on the forums currently, there are plenty of opportunities for meat fanatics to have their say, plus there’s even a space to sing the praises of your favourite butcher if you are so inclined. The site has plenty of interactive elements and contributions are encouraged. If meat is your thing, Meateaters.co.nz is the best place to talk some bull.