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Sony announces PS4 sales now up to 10 million

13 Aug 2014

Sony announced at Gamescom earlier this week that the PS4 has sold over 10 million units worldwide.

This achievement was accomplished just nine months after the PS4 went on sale last November. It first came out in many countries in November with a Japan release finally coming out in February 2014.

The last update Sony gave on PS4 sales was just a few weeks ago. Back then, it was hovering around the 7 million mark. It has now sold 3 million more units since then. It's a safe bet a big release like The Last of Us Remastered helped push more sales for the console.

It's worth mentioning this figure is units sold to customers and not shipped to retailers. At this rate, the PS4 could sell well over 15 million units by early next year.

At last count, the Wii U has just sold under 7 million units while Xbox One is hovering over the 5 million mark. As of right now, the PS4 is well ahead of its competition.