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Sony changes their image

It’s time for another round of unfounded rumour and speculation as Sony, in a stealth move, has changed their image and replaced the Playstation Network and Store with a single entity: the Sony Entertainment Network.

If you’re asking why this might cause a furious level of speculation, it’s because of the name - there have been rumours that Sony might be trying to remove the word ‘Playstation’ from the next generation, and this could be the first step.

It also might not be.

However, with rumours abound that the next generation is closer than some people think (some news sites reporting new consoles will be announced as early as March), if Sony was going to make its move it would have to be soon.

Guesswork aside, the new Sony Entertainment Network seems to be functioning a lot better, and has a nifty new website, where you can actually browse the store with ease, something I struggled to do before.

Along with this Sony has also released a new store update, and Playstation Plus members will be happy to hear that the new games available to them are actually good for once.

We’ve been given Guardians of Middle-earth recently, but more excitingly Bioshock 2 has just been added to the Instant Game collection; if you haven’t played it, it’s definitely worth the download.

Interestingly, PS Plus New Zealand is different to PS Plus everywhere else, so for those of you who have been reading US news stories reporting Darksiders and NBA Jam in the Instant Game Collection, I got sucked in momentarily too. We’ll be ok.

What do you guys think of PS Plus? Is it worth it for the free games, or are they largely pointless and games you already own?

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