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Sony dives into the mini-camera market with the waterproof RX0
Mon, 4th Sep 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Sony has announced a new type of camera which supposedly enables entirely new imaging possibilities.

The RX0 marries the image quality of the Sony RX series with advanced photo and video capabilities, all compressed into a robust and ultra-compact body.

Designed to facilitate creative photographic and videographic expression beyond current limitations, RX0 is equally adept at shooting still images, filming video or can be used as part of a multi-camera setup to create an inspiring series of images, videos and super slow motion footage from a multitude of different perspectives.

Its miniature dimensions are meant to create all-around versatility and maximise freedom to tackle photographic and videographic challenges in new ways, with the assurance of high-quality results.

It can be used as a standalone camera for capturing photos or videos in any shooting conditions including the rain, underwater, or in sandy or dusty environments and is equally adept as a part of a multi-camera setup to shoot subjects from a variety of different viewpoints.

In addition to conventional bullet-time and time-slice shooting, the RX0 multi-camera shooting solution is meant to open the door to a new world of imaging and can be organised in a number of different ways.

Sony's wireless radio commander can be used to trigger up to fifteen RX0's.

The PlayMemories mobile app allows up to five RX0 models to be connected wirelessly and the balanced form factor means that units can easily be secured in tough shooting positions to capture new perspectives.

A wireless multi-camera shooting solution capable of connecting further RX0 units when an access point is used is currently being developed and will be released in January 2018.

The RX0 is waterproof at depths of up to 10 metres and when used with the new MPK-HSR1 housing, it can be used down to a staggering 100 metres depth.

Sony states that The RX0 was conceived as a camera that is just as useful to the videographer as the photographer and that this spirit manifests itself with a host of creative video features delivering stunning video results.

The camera can shoot slow motion at up to 1,000 frames per second.

To maximise the potential of RX0, a host of new accessories to support new ways of shooting have also been launched by Sony, these include the VCT-CGR1 cage for increased system flexibility and the MPK-HSR1 housing.

The new Sony RX0 and the full range of accessories will be available early October 2017.