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Sony news from the Tokyo Games Show

17 Sep 10

Sony's press event at the Tokyo Game Show played host to a raft of announcements, including the release date of the firmware update that will enable 3D gaming and Blu-ray support on PlayStation 3 consoles.

Update 3.5 will drop on September 21st, providing PlayStation 3 owners with a feature that its direct competitor's system, the Xbox 360, simply cannot deliver: 3D support. Killzone 3, Final Fantasy XIV, Gran Turismo 5 and more will be playable in 3D when they release.

Also revealed during Sony's press event is that 35 games are currently in development for the company's recently launched PlayStation Move motion peripheral, although few were detailed at this particular event.

A sequel to the popular Demon's Souls by From Software was detailed. Project Dark will be a "spiritual sequel" to Demon's Souls. This time, however, it will also release on the Xbox 360 platform. Project Dark will release in Japan at an unspecified date next year. However, Demon's Souls took more than a year longer to turn up in other territories, so here's hoping Project Dark makes it down these ways sooner.

Following the increasingly popular trend of populating sandbox environments with zombies (refer Crackdown 2 and the upcoming DLC for Red Dead Redemption), SEGA has announced Yakuza: Of The End. The game will bring hordes of zombies into the popular game's imagining of Tokyo.

A sequel for the popular Final Fantasy spin-off fighting game, Final Fantasy Dissidia, has been announced. Entitled simply Final Fantasy Dissidia 012, Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lighting will feature as a playable character this time around.

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