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Sony patents biometric controllers

While the PS Vita’s dual touch screens and futuristic features won’t see the light of day until next year, a patent application by Sony has revealed futuristic controllers that will do more than just move an on-screen character.

The application shows plans for a new DualShock3 controller that measures biometric data such as how moist your skin is, how fast your heart is beating, and how tense your muscles are (check out the pictures at Siliconera).

Sony also applied for the patents to a handheld console similar to the PlayStation Vita and a PlayStation Move-style wand with the ability to measure biometric data.

The new controllers will gather data from the player’s body and send that data into the game – but what’s the point? Sony are on top of that as well, and included a list of potential uses for the technology with the application.

Weapons that become more accurate or less steady depending on stress levels, an on-screen avatar that sweats when the player is nervous, and a health bar that depletes faster if you are scared are all possibilities with the new development.

Sony has not commented on the patent, and it is unclear when the technology will be implemented, if ever.

Would you be keen to have Sony measuring your heartbeat while you play, or is it getting a little bit 1984? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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