Sony pays $250k hacking fine

16 Jul 13

Sony has decided to pay the £250,000 it was fined as punishment back in January following the hacking of their Playstation Network in 2011.

The hacking resulted in approximately 77 million users’ information being stolen, including encrypted credit card details and hashed passwords."

The electronics company was criticised for the attack, as they didn’t warn the users until nearly a week after the event happened.

Critics also blamed the firm for not having the level of security procedures needed to stop the hack with the Information Commissioner’s Office saying at the time - “there was no disguising Sony is a business that should have known better”.

Sony has since apologised and beefed up security but although they initially appealed the fine, they called it off to protect sensitive details of their security system.

Should Sony have been fined for a professional hacking attack against them? Is £250,000 too little for a business of their size? Tell us your thoughts below

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