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Sony releases 'affordable' Xperia E4, says battery lasts two days

Sony Mobile has released the Xperia E4 smartphone, saying two stand-out features are the price and battery performance.

“With Xperia E4, we wanted to offer people some of the premium Sony features they have come to expect [...] at a highly-competitive price point,” says Peter McKeon, Sony Mobile Communications managing director Oceania.

The Xperia E4 claims to have two day battery life, with a 2300mAh battery. On top of this, Sony says the Battery Stamina Mode can be activated to make the phone run on its core functions for a week.

The phone is also equipped with a 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor, 1GM of RAM and 8GB of storage.

Other features include photo capabilities such as auto-scene recognition, image enhancement and built-in camera apps such as AR fun, Live on YouTube and Portrait retouch.

The phone has 5MP rear camera with HDR and a 2MP front facing camera.

Users can migrate from another Android or iOS device with a transfer application that moves contacts, photos, bookmarks, apps, music and messages.

In terms of look and feel, the Xperia E4 has a textured surface, ‘scratch-resistant’ screen and curved OmniBalance design. 

It has a 5” qHD display and IPS screen technology, customisable UI themes, and is currently available in black and white, although colours available will depend on the market.

The Xperia E4 comes with Sony’s new PartyShare app, which enables users to share their music and pictures with with others via Wi-Fi Direct. While the app comes preloaded on Xperia E4, it can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Sony says more details on price and more will available at a later date. The phone will launch from the middle of February.