Sony steps in over PS4 price increase

08 Oct 13

It appears with the release of the PS4 practically on our doorsteps some retailers are feeling that now is the time to cash in on the average consumer.

This has been the case in the UK as retailer SimplyGames has altered the price of its pre-order bundles of the PS4.

Last month the company wrote to consumers who had pre-ordered the console for $700 to tell them it would now cost $830.

Pixel enemy reported there was more to the story and said it contained the following;

"Thanks for bearing with us with whilst we finalised stock configurations with Sony.

"We have now completed this process and as mentioned last week the pack configurations that we will actually be receiving DO differ slightly from the selection you originally made.

For this reason – WE NEED YOU to update your order Ref ’484***’

Important Notes:

1. This ONLY affects the console/pack choice within your order. Other products within your order are not affected;

2. You WILL receive your order on the day of release;

3. You MUST make a new console choice (follow the link below);

4. You can now INCREASE the number of consoles on your order – and ALL will arrive on day of release!!! That’s guaranteed;

"Please click the link below and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Once your selections have been made, click the big ‘Update My Order’ button at the bottom of page. This will finalise your order and no other action is necessary."

Other reports were also scathing of the email stating that the company were offering non official Sony products with the bundle such as a generic USB charger cable that was not the official dual-shock charging cable or cradle.

In what now seems an unprecedented intervention, Sony has now spoken directly to the retailer with UK head of PR David Wilson saying, “Sony is not and would not force anyone to buy something they don’t want.

"We value our consumers and offered the bundles precisely to give them choice and value. And the key word there is choice.

"We continue to work closely with our retail partners to ensure we offer this choice against the challenges of managing demand and inventory in the climate of amazing excitement and unprecedented demand for PlayStation 4."

Have you been the victim of this situation from New Zealand retailers? Tell us your thoughts below

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