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Soul Calibur 3

The acclaimed series’ latest addition, Soul Calibur 3 thrusts players into the story of two legendary swords - Soul Calibur and Soul Edge and the fighters engaged in the epic battle between these powerful blades. This latest incarnation features three all-new characters - Zasalamel, Tira and Setsuka who join the existing cast of fighters embroiled in the struggle giving you over 25 playable characters. The weapons-based battles take place against a backdrop of gorgeous all-new stages, from a shrine in Greece to a castle in Germany.
Soul Calibur III will sport several modes of gameplay. Besides the story-driven single-player “tales of souls” and the traditional versus modes, the game will sport a history of the franchise in museum mode. The game will also sport three new modes: character creation, which will let players build their own characters; “chronicles of the sword,” which will let players fight as said characters in “a real-time simulation”; and “soul arena,” which Namco cryptically describes as featuring “unique and original battles.”

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