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Spammers reducing reliance on Botnets

Botnets are out, malware and phishing are in, according to a new report into spam trends.

Commtouch report says spam levels dropped to their lowest in three years
following a sustained assault on Botnet systems such as Rustock.

such drops are usually accompanied by rises as spammers establish new Botnets,
this drop is holding steady, Commtouch says.

the news isn’t all good, with indicators suggesting spammers are adopting a new

to Commtouch chief technology officer, Amir Lev, "Spammers are trying to
out-manoeuver IP-based spam blocking techniques.

are now using a combination of malware and phishing to compromise legitimate
accounts and then using these accounts to send low-volume spam outbreaks.”

billion spam emails were sent in June, compared with almost 200 billion in
August last year.

Go here to read more, and to download the full report.

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